Singing in the Rain: The transition from silent film to “Talking Pictures”.

The silent film era started in the nineteenth century, with the works from the Lumière Brothers. In the early stages of cinema, they were no synchronized recorded sounds but rather, motion pictures and title cards indicating the dialogue and what may be the plot of the story. It wasn’t until the late 1920’s where they […]

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Feedly! Tarea 10

For the class of INF103 we discussed about Feedly . This website is an innovative way  to organize , read and share your favorite content ; all in one place. I divided my Feedly into two categories: my personal Interest and professional work . Here’s what I have on my feed: Personal Interest: Bloody Disgusting! – News […]

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Overlord: Movie Review

Overlord is a 2018 war action horror film directed by Julius Avery and produced by J.J. Abrams. The plot follows Private Boyce and his comrades on the Eve of D-day( Invasion of Normandy); when they are on a mission to destroy a transmitter located in a radio tower atop a fortified church.  This needs to […]

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Augmented Reality

From snapchat filters, surgical procedures to maps for airplanes; the technological advancement that is Augmented Reality has been increasing in today’s society . Augmented reality or AR for short is a term that was born in 1992 when scientist , Thomas P Caudell was helping develop Boeing 747; the first wide-body airplane ever produced. He […]

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Women in Horror Films: Commentary

When it comes to horror; many women have taken iconic roles within the movies. This can be seen in movies such as: “Carrie” where the title character takes her revenge, Ripley fighting “Aliens“, and Laurie being brave enough to fight Michael Myers on “Halloween“. In a gruesome genre such as Horror, people tend to forget […]

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Halloween (2018): Movie Review

“Halloween” (2018), named by the original 1978 itself takes places 40 years later after the first movie. Laurie Strode ( Jamie Lee Curtis ) has prepared her whole life for the last confrontation with Michael Myers, a murderer who went on a killing spree four decades ago. After Michael escapes, he takes the task of finding her […]

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Tarea 7 power point

For the class of  Inf103, we worked with Microsoft’s PowerPoint. We needed to choose a theme to make a presentation and download it to SlideShare. I Choose to make my presentation about Surrealism in film. Enjoy! Link for Slideshare presentation

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