Halloween (2018): Movie Review

“Halloween” (2018), named by the original 1978 itself takes places 40 years later after the first movie. Laurie Strode ( Jamie Lee Curtis ) has prepared her whole life for the last confrontation with Michael Myers, a murderer who went on a killing spree four decades ago. After Michael escapes, he takes the task of finding her and finished what he started. Laurie is set up in protecting her family and finishing him off.

The movie is a nostalgia rollercoaster for all the lovers of this franchise. It takes you back where it all began and the director David Gordon Green doesn’t miss a chance in homaging John Carpenter from start to finish.However, you need a balance between nostalgia and bringing new elements to it and that’s where the film crumbles a little bit. Missing out the chance of creating something new by bringing the old for the sake of being relatable to the first film.

Jamie Lee Curtis comes back to the role that launched her film career. Her character in this movie portrayed the aftermath of the massacre and how much it affected her life. She became a strong and fearless woman but it also left her with unresolved trauma. Leading her with broken marriages and a bad relationship with her daughter.  Jamie Lee Curtis gives us a solid performance from her part and the one that stands out the most; wishing she could have more screen time in the film.

In the movie, there were some scenes that were off. Resulting in awkward scenarios that didn’t do anything in moving the plot of the story. Sometimes they sneaked comedy in the wrong moments; making the jokes flat. The film had good action sequences, especially the third act but it led to an anticlimactic ending with a small after scene that changed the story progression.

Halloween “(2018)  brings you the classic tropes of horror. This film didn’t lose the essence of what made Michael Myers scary and it’s the ambiguity of this character. How you never see his face or the way he commits the murders; making the audience imagine how it would have happened. Sometimes that small subtleness of doubtfulness and uncertainty is what strikes fear to us the viewers. If you loved the first installment of the movie you’ll definitely love this one.

I give this movie 3 / 5 Jack-o’-lanterns.

Movie Trailer for Halloween (2018) :

{ Picture by Halloweenmovie }

{ Video by Universal Pictures }


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