The Haunting of Hill House: Series Review (non-spoiler)

When it comes to haunted Houses it’s an overused theme in the horror genre but “The Haunting of Hill House” takes this concept and transforms it into something new and innovating. Directed by Mike Flanagan (the same director that did Gerald’s Game) takes the chilling 1959 gothic horror novel by Shirley Jackson and reinvents it; taking the story and turning it into a 10 episode series.

The story focuses on the Crain Family: Hugh and Olivia and their five children: Steve, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Nelly. Is the summer of 1992, the Crain family temporarily moves in the old mansion called Hill House to renovate it and sell it. Throughout their stay, strange and paranormal events happen to them; forcing them to move out. Now as adults, the group of siblings are being haunted by their past.

Writing a nonlinear narrative can be a tricky thing but this series mastered the use of that technique. The way the shows progress is by telling the story in different time periods. It may seem confusing at first but the beauty of it is how everything connects at the right time. Each character has an episode, taking the right amount of time in character development; perfectly connecting them into the story.

The cinematography on this series is one of the most perfectly crafted ones I’ve seen in a long while. Episode six is the prime example of perfect camera movement; consisting of an 18-minute long-shot in one take. The continuous shot helped progresses the narration in a very creative way.

In horror movies or series you mostly get the typical eerie sounds and expected jump scares but this series helps break the mold of that equation. Yes, sometimes it does require a little of it but it doesn’t overuse it; knowing how to use it one the right moment. The series also uses creepy imagery that some of the viewers might find unsettling to see. One of the key parts of making the series scary is the use of scenery; having dark colors to create uneasiness or even when it’s in a normal scenario you could see something disturbing in the background.

The Haunting of Hill House,” tells the story of the Crain family. On how this family is affected by grief and loss. Its a journey of dealing with unresolved trauma with a touch of supernatural elements. Surely fans of the horror genre will have a thrilling moment watching this series.

I give this series 5/5 screaming meemies.



This series contains elements of Suicide and drug abuse.

Trailer for the series “The Haunting of Hill House” :

The Making of Episode six:

{ picture by Netflix  }

{ first video by Netflix  }

{ Second video by Netflix }


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