The Narrative of Citizen Kane

  After his success in the¬†radio with the sci-fi drama “The War of the Worlds”, Orson Welles won a contract with RKO pictures; giving him¬†complete creativity on the project ¬†In 1941, he created what is considered by filmmakers as one of the best films in history, “Citizen Kane”. This film presented and developed many innovations […]

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Tarea 3 About

  For homework number 3 we had to personalize and develop our blog. On this link, you’ll get to know¬†me a little better and know the purpose and what kind of content I’m going to¬†posting on my blog. Thank you for taking your time to see and appreciate my project!   { Picture source:¬† […]

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Tarea 4 Poe and Hitchcock

Referencia a traves de la Biblioteca : Khawaja, M. D. (2018). The Haunting Legacy of Edgar Allan Poe: Mystery and History.¬†International Journal Of Literary Humanities,¬†16(2), 1-13. doi:10.18848/2327-7912/CGP/v16i02/1-13 . puntos: 14 Simper, D. (1975). Poe, Hitchcock and the Well-wrought Effect.¬†Literature Film Quarterly,¬†3(3), 226. puntos: 14 Perry, D. R. (1996). Imps of the perverse: Discovering the Poe/Hitchcock […]

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Surrealism in film

Stemmed from Dadaism and the rejection of orthodox art, Surrealism was born. This movement started in Paris in the roaring 1920‚Äôs and was founded by Andre Breton. The Surrealist prime objective was freedom from the restrictions of rationality and a bourgeois society. They also followed inspirations from the father of the psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He […]

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Romanticism in Princess Mononoke

  Romanticism is the birth of a new set of ideas; a mindset and a way of feeling it wasn‚Äôt a political movement, rather an artistic one. This movement began in Western Europe towards the end of the 18th century. Romanticism was born as a consequence of the rejection against the enlightenment: where the scientific […]

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Experimentando con la Web

En el curso de Inform√°tica inf103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Coraz√≥n estamos produciendo contenido Web por primera vez. {Autor : Antonio Vantaggiato} {¬†} En #inf103 buscar memes es parte de la clase. I'm in the right place. #inf1037 #CreandoBlogs — amanda (@amanda_sofia24) August 22, 2018

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