Us: movie review

After Jordan Peele’s success with 2017 thriller Get out and winning best screenplay for this such movie; he’s back at it again with another film. This time, as he intentionally said, a horror film. US  focuses on the Wilson family. A year later after the death of Adelaide’s mom, they come back to her childhood home in California to take some time off. One day,  they decide to go to the beach, the youngest son Jason had a strange encounter. That same night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide’s home just to out they that all of them look alike.


One of the many things that stand out in this movie are the performances. All of them were great. Winston Duke character gave us the perfect balance of comedy and horror. Not forced but natural reactions in a comedic way. The performance that we have to give the ultimate credit is Lupita Nyong’o with her mesmerizing acting.  Giving that the movie they had to play your “evil doppelgänger” you had to see multiple performances from the actors.  Both of her characters were amazing. Leaving you gripping from your seats.

us-movie-3-1546275853Jordan Peele was serious when he said his movie was horror. Giving us gory scenes but yet not scary. The story and the character are what makes this film unsettling. The movie is accompanied by a chilling score and amazing cinematography. Who wouldn’t appreciate those astonishing extreme closeup shots? One of the things that I would have liked the movie to leave out are the explanations as to why this event is happening. Why so? well, because I believe ambiguity can be scary. Nevertheless, it’s a solid story.

US is a film that after you see it for the first time it leaves you thinking and with a second viewing, it could change your whole perspective of the film. The director Jordan Peele has been creating these whole new worlds and contributing to the horror industry . Breaking the mold of traditional storytelling and giving us something new and innovative. US is a film that has amazing performances and the perfect balance of horror and comedy. It’s a movie that cinephiles and horror fans would certainly appreciate and enjoy.

I give this movie 4 / 5 bloody scissors.

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Alita Battle Angel (Movie Review)

When it comes to transforming anime or manga into live action films, it can lean in two ways: being an actually good movie or go horribly wrong. Every couple of years or so, we’ve been getting live actions adaptations that have gone wrong such as Netflix’s Death Note and thus being completely disappointed. Alita Battle Angel is an adaptation of the cyberpunk manga created by Yukito Kishiro. Ever since the trailer came out I had this small hope that this movie can be one of these adaptations that could actually be good and please the anime community.


 Alita Battle Angel is a film directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron. In 2563, planet Earth has survived a war known as “The Fall.” There is a city floating above the earth in the sky, called Zalem, but beneath it, there is a city called Iron City. The story is about Alita (Rosa Zalasar) a cyborg that has been saved by the doctor Ido (Christopher Waltz) but she doesn’t recall who she is. Alita starts to uncover clues to her past but also finding out the secrets of Zalem and a mysterious scientist called Nova.

From the start of the movie, it looks like they put a lot of time and effort into creating this cyberpunk world. Giving us an aesthetically pleasing experience accompanied by good use of CGI. James Cameron had the rights for this film for a long time now and it certainly looks how much passion and love he had for this story by how the film was made. Paying homage to the main style of the manga with all the details that have been passed into the movie.

screen-shot-2018-05-07-at-2-53-55-pmRosa Zalasar has the main spotlight in the movie by giving us a good performance throughout the movie. Christopher Waltz also stands out with his role as Ido. But, they hired good actors such as Mahershala Ali by giving them small roles that were just there to move the plot of the story. Left me wishing they could have used him more in the film.

The movie certainly had some cheesy and cliche moments. The romance between Alita and the love interest Huge felt forced.  I just wasn’t invested in their relationship and when they had their tragic moments I just didn’t feel moved by it. Sure, it does make Alita more human but their love story didn’t work out for me.

Alita Battle Angel is a passion project that’s been transcribed into film. Even doe every adaptation suffer from minor changes, this movie sticks with the main story. Giving us a visual Syfy experience that anime fans would certainly enjoy.

I give this movie 3 / 5 cyborgs.

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Happy Death Day 2U: Movie Review

Happy Death Day 2U  is the sequel of 2017 thriller movie of the same name. After the events of the first film, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) finds herself once again, re-entering the time loop. But things have changed.  She is stuck in a new in a new parallel universe.  Carter, Ryan and his group of friends are involved this time. There’s a new killer in the loose. Now, Tree must find a new way to get out of the loop and catch the killer.happy-death-day-2u-release-date.jpg

When I heard there was going to be a sequel for this movie,  I was a little lost. The first one was entertaining enough even if I had small problems with it. But I knew exactly that they were going to play with the same  Groundhog Day formula. Never the less, I was also quite curious how they were gonna pull the sequel off.

This sequel gives us the explanation as to how she’s in the loop the first place. Mixing element of SyFy into the story. On this movie, they really double up the comedy and left the slasher genre as a subplot. Giving us rather dark humor montages and clips.  In which I think it was a smart move because it went with the theme of the story. When it came to the horror aspect of it; it gives us the old formula of creepy hallways and the killer creeping in with jump scares. Leaving me asking myself: “Remember when this was a horror movie?”.

2507_T1_00059ARV2.0.jpgJessica Rothe performance keeps the movie interesting. She’s funny when she needs to but can also give us emotional scenes.  The last act gave us serious undertones with just a small touch of comedy. But, they were some serious cringey moment such as awkward kissing in slow motion. Obviously keeping in mind that this is no longer a horror/slasher but a comedy.

Happy Death Day 2U is one of those cases that the sequel is better than the first one.  The first one for me kinda fell off because it didn’t know how to distinguish itself. This time they doubled the comedy and it became an enjoyable experience for me. If you wanna have a laugh or have a good time watching a movie with your friends; I recommend Happy Death Day 2U. 

I give this movie 3/5 baby masks.


TRIGGER WARNING and small spoiler  : 

Y’all the movie has a suicide montage with Hard Times by Paramore in the background… I’m speechless…

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“The Perfect Dictatorship” y el uso de la distracción mediática

Escrita y dirigida por el director mexicano Luis Estrada, The Perfect Dictatorship se trata dictadurasobre la historia del joven productor de las noticias TV MX, Carlos Rojos. Este productor es contratado por políticos corruptos para limpiar su imagen en los medios. El productor es llamado para que arreglara la imagen del presidente de la repúblicadespués de un comentario racista. Para desviar su escandalo, él lanza el video del Gobernador Vargas negociando con la mafia. Al igual que el presidente de la república, el Gobernador Vargas contrata a Carlos Rojos para una vez mas limpiar la imagen de otro político.

Para un comunicador de los medios ya sea el periodista o reportero tienen el trabajo de cubrir noticias y darle la información con su toda honestidad. Pero, a largo plazo esta ética se esta perdiendo o simplemente es ignorada para poder tener una buena imagen. En los medios, este termino se llama distracción mediática. Esto consiste en crea la atención del publico de los problemas ya sea desviándolos con otras noticias o simplemente creando una para distraernos de la realidad que nos rodea.

El director Luis Estrada nos enseña en una forma satírica, con un toque de humor negro como en la película usan este método con la analogía de la caja china. Para poder desviar el escándalodel presidente de la república;ellos lanzaron otras noticias tales como la inundación, la balacera en la discoteca y, para terminar, publicaron el video del Gobernador Vargas. Es por esto que usan la analogía de la caja china; al abrirla encuentras otra y otra. Igual que la analogía; ellos publicaban malas noticia detrás de la otra para distraerla la audiencia del comentario racista del presidente. Además, nos muestra como los políticos manipula los medios para su propia campaña política. Esto lo podemos ver cuando el Gobernador Vargas hizo el video en vivo para el noticiero. Vendiéndole al pueblo que el hará lo posible para encontrar a las gemelas raptadas. Pero, en realidad lo hace para su propio beneficio para poder desviarlos del video de él negociando con la mafia. Tratando de crear una imagen positiva de él en los medios.

The Perfect Dictatorshipes una película que con su sátira nos enseña la realidad que no tan solo México vive, sino que también nos podemos relacionar. Como el gobierno y los medios colaboran para crear una realidad alternativa usando técnicas de distracción mediática. distrayéndonos de la verdad y lo que en realidad importa.


Velvet Buzzsaw(Movie Review)

After the success of  2014 film Nightcrawler, the perfect combo, Dan Gilroy and Jake Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 2.29.35 PMGyllenhaal teams up again for Netflix original film Velvet Buzzsaw. This psychological thriller tells the story of different people in the art world. Morf Vandewalt (Jake Gyllenhaal) a well-known art critic.Rhodora Haze (Rene Russo) former punk rock girl who established her own art gallery and who’s losing her most adored client Piers (John Malkovich). Gretchen (Toni Collette) and ex-museum curator that’s trying her hands on private art buying. At last, Josephina (Zawe Ashton) Rhodora’s protegee who find a bunch of cursed paintings from an unknown artist. Captivating her colleges and taking the art world by storm.

As you can see the director ensemble a great cast with amazing actors, but the small problem was the film had too many characters. Actors, such as Natalia Dyer( stranger things), John Malkovich and miss Toni Collete played small roles. They had soo little to do compared to the other ones. Making the characters not well developed .wishing they had more screentime throughout the film. As always,  Jake Gyllenhaal immerses himself into his role by embodying a pretentious art critic. Being that one memorable character that stands out on the movie.

velvet-buzzsawThe film itself is a strange one. Writing some of the characters in a cartoonish way. Basically satirizing the stereotypical art hipster person you see in these kinds of environments. From the first until the half of the second act of the movie is filled with exposition. But, the delivery is mixed with some humor. Making it very entertaining along the way. When it came down to the last act, things get a little crazy by adding small specs of horror on the film such how the paintings take their revenge on these money hungry artists. Making the thriller scenes stand out and becoming my favorite parts of the movie.

Velvet Buzzsaw is Dan Gilroy’s take on the art world. Criticizing the commercialization of art and how dark it. Using satire and small horror elements to engage the viewers.  Is the film a bit messy? yes. Is this film for everyone? no. But the movie sure does bring good performances such as Jake Gyllenhaal and that for me, makes a solid and kinda fun movie worth watching.

I give this movie 3 / 5 Ventril Dease paintings.

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Road to Hamilton

Ever since the Hamilton lottery started I’ve been waking up with the wonderful good morning messages such as “Sorry you didn’t win a chance to purchase tickets to Hamilton today“(Sarcasm intended). I was losing hope until I remembered that there was a ticket sell for college students. But, the catch was there were only 1,000 tickets. Suddenly, I got a call from my friend and he said: ” we are going camping BECAUSE WE ARE gonna get those tickets ” and so the quest for Hamilton tickets was on. I got everything I needed: reclinable beach chair, a blanket, food for the midnight munchies, water,  battery chargers and for entertainment, Briscas.

dw_hsj9vaael52d We arrived at 6 pm and the show was at 1:30pm on January 16. The line already started and the first thing that came through my mind was “This is going to be a long night“. We set our stuff on the floor and started playing the waiting game. Throughout the time on the line, we met new people and even joined their small group. They were students that came over from Mayagüez and we stayed with them all night. Playing UNO, talking about science facts, joking around and getting to know each other. When it was one in the morning the official reservation for the tickets started;  everyone was on the edge. The employees started to count the students one by one and giving them numbers. Luckily, I fell in the category of the first hundred students, being number 94 of the 1,000 lucky ones. ckg4dq0c.jpg-largeWhen I got my number, I felt a weight got off my shoulder

It’s past midnight and I needed to get some rest. Let’s just say that sleeping in a reclinable beach chair isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep in. Also, add it with how surprisingly cold it was outside. But, comfort is something I needed to lose to get a ticket.  I was tossing and turning around the chair; I couldn’t get a good rest and thus I was awaked for most of the night. Meaning that the sweet sleep deprivation might hit soon throughout the day.

When it was 7am the official student check would start. You had to have your student ID on hand and show that you’re officially registered on this semester; thus giving you a wristband in return. Meaning that you can be able to purchase a 10 dollar ticket. As we were waiting to purchase our ticket, Lin’s dad started to hand out free donuts and that was very sweet of him. When 8am hit, it was the moment we were all waiting for. They started to sell the tickets. The line was moving very fast. Each step is a step further on finally be able to experience Hamilton. After camping outside and waiting for many hours, I was finally able to purchase my ticket. I was very sleep deprived so I took a long time to process what had just happened. After I got the ticket I went home to rest a little bit.gkypudix.jpg-large

As the time comes near, I waited on the line till the doors opened. My tiredness overshadowed my emotions. The line started moving, meaning that people were getting people in. As I went inside, I see all these lucky students in the ballroom; ecstatic to be here. As I went inside the theater and took my seat; that’s where it hits me. I’m in the room where it happens. Suddenly, with ought any warning, they dimmed the lights and the show started. Let’s just say that my anxiety was rising. Then came the part where Alexander Hamilton introduces himself on the song and everyone went nuts. Loud screams, cheerful applause and a standing ovation that lasted more than thirty seconds.

kvfxefaf.jpg-largeI felt so many emotions throughout the play. I was an anxious mess on Alexander Hamilton. Laughing on Farmer Refuted and every time King George comes on Stage. Collectedly tearing up with everyone on the theater with Satisfied. Dancing on my seat with The Room Where it happens and holding my breath on The World was Wide enough. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for 3 hours straight.

The function that I went on that day was extra special because January 16 was Lin Manuel’s birthday.  After the play ended, everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him until he came out Ferri’s Bueller style with only his bathrobe on him. After the play ended I went straight to the back of the theater to get my playbill signed. I got it signed by some of the cast members such as the one that played George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; even got a picture taken with King George.


On 2016 when I was Passing the streets of Broadway; seeing the theater were they playedaup6kpdp Hamilton and thinking to myself how I’ll never have that kind of opportunity. Now on 2019 getting to actually see it. The journey to see this play is an experience I’ll never forget. Camping outside, sharing laughs and just having a great time with good company. Seeing this play live, especially here on my Island Puerto Rico, is one of a kind experience I will always cherish. I got to see history in the making with my own eyes and be part of it.



And to my fellow writers always remember: “Write day and night like you’re running out of time
















Ticket Stub Holder(poem)


ticket-stub-holder-two.pngBy: Ana Sofia Cintron Mediavilla

PS.Hey lovely people! for those that read my poem; thank you. In this year I’ll try to do more personal post in my blogs Such as sharing my thoughts, lil facts about me and poems. My inspiration behind this was how I find movie tickets all around me. In my purse, my wallet and sometimes on my desk. But, I still keep them safe in a small box. Its a small hobby that I have and I might share it soon on my blog.