Directed by Oscar winner and animator, Glen Keane, Netflix’ new animated film, Over the Moon, tells the story of a girl that builds a rocket to travel to the moon in hopes of meeting the legendary Moon Goddess.

With films such as Disney’s Pixar Onward and soon to be released Soul, there’s no question that lately animated films have been writing emotionally compelling stories, and this one wasn’t left behind. Over The Moon is a touching story about love, loss and moving on. It handles the themes very gracefully and with care. The movie is a real tearjerker, so get your kleenex ready cause you’ll be cleaning a couple of teardrops from your face.

Over the Moon Review: Glen Keane's Netflix Debut Waxes as it Goes Along |  IndieWire

On the other hand, the highlight of this film was the animation. Giving us a spectacle of vibrant colors. Surely, is no surprise if the movie gets nominated by an Oscar for “best animated film”. To go along with the breathtaking animation, the soundtrack is full of pop and glam that you’ll be jamming to the rest of the day.

Over the Moon is an enjoyable film that takes the story of a Chinese tradition and gives a rightful representation. Furthermore, the themes will resonate with audiences and make a lasting impact. It’s charming, colorful and overall a wonderful watch. 

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