A Star is Born (2018) : Movie Review

A star is Born is a 2018 romantic drama; marking the third remake of the original 1937 film of the name itself. The movie follows the story of Jack Maine ( Bradley Cooper). A singer that struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. After one of his concert, he arrives at a drag bar and finds Ally ( Lady Gaga), an inspiring singer and songwriter. Amazed by her talent he takes the job of making her dreams come true of becoming a singer. As Jack takes her to the road of the spotlight, he struggles with his own demons.

The film intertwines the story and the songs perfectly; making the soundtrack an integral part of the movie. Each track proceeds to express the emotion of the characters as the story progresses. Gaga wrote and produce the majority of the soundtrack with the help of other artists such as Lukas Nelson and Cooper himself. The song “shallow” is an important part of the story’s plot and an Oscar-worthy nomination for best original song. Truly the movie has a beautiful score accompanied by excellent work in sound mixing.

Every performance shines in their own way. Lady Gaga is scarily good. She delivers a perfect performance as an actor and a singer.  Bradley Cooper gives us a stunning performance and his two years of practicing his singing paid of. Gaga and Cooper is a duo that we didn’t know that we deserved. It’s not surprising if both of them get nominated for an Academy Award.

This is a two-hour long movie but it sure doesn’t feel like it. The film gives us a roller coaster full of emotions. The chemistry that Cooper and Gaga had; captured us the viewers from the very beginning. Showing great sequences such as the concerts. Being Cooper’s directional debut gives him a bright future.

The Film A star is Born explores the dark side of the music industry. It deals with the cost of struggling with addiction and mental health. How dealing with these addictions affects the ones around you and your own career. The movie effortlessly captures the price of fame and shows how one star is rinsing but the other one is dying.

I Gives this movie 5 / 5 stars.

A Star is Born trailer :

{Video by Warner Bro. pictures }

{Picture By fyeahmovies }




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