When It comes to anime / videogame live-action films I’m always hesitant in seeing it because of the bad history and backlash they had within the community. Soo, when I heard that there was going to be a Pokémon movie I was lost for words.  Leaving me asking a lot of questions such as, How are they gonna bring this world into reality? What about the character designs?  What’s the story even going to be about? Nevertheless, I went to the theaters with an open mind and a touch of curiosity. Resultado de imagen para detective pikachu movie

Detective Pikachu is directed by Rob Letterman (2015 Goosebumps ) and it starts Justice Smith has Tim Goodman, a former pokemon enthusiast. After his dad was in an accident, Tim has to go to Ryme City, a metropolis were humans and pokémon coexist. He meets his dad’s former pokemon, Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds. But, it wasn’t just a normal accident and it’s up to them to investigate.

The setting of Ryme City felt something straight of an anime. Using a variety of bright colors and neon-lit to set the environment.  The city wouldn’t be as it is without the pokémon; putting one in every corner. Seeing pokémon’s of the first generation until the recent one, these little CGI monsters were fun to watch come to life. A movie that was shot in a 35mm can’t help but look stunning.

Resultado de imagen para detective pikachu movie review The movie was consistently entertaining and funny because of Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu itself. Making jokes throughout the whole movie . Also giving us interesting chemistry between him and Tim. But at times,  when the dialogue became simple or flat, Pikachu came and saved the day.

The movie is a simple yet solid story. Yes, Sometimes it gave us cliché tropes but it was balanced between funny and dramatic moments. Detective Pikachu is a film that fans from the franchise would love and an introduction to the world of pokemon for the younger audience.  It’s a goofy, lighthearted comedy that everyone can enjoy. I mean, Who wouldn’t love to see their favorite pokémon come to life?

I give this movie 3/5 Pokeballs