Reversing Roe: Commentary

Reversing Roe is a 2018 Netflix documentary about the debated of abortion in America. The director’s Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern give us a small history lesson in the first act of the film. Leaning up to the point of the case of case of Roe V Wade. A landmark decision in 1974 on the supreme court about the constitutionality issues of criminalizing and restricting abortions.

Through the film, they capture different standpoints on abortion whenever is pro-life or pro-choice. It sheds light on the issue in a variety of ways. In a political standpoint, it was an interesting thing seeing how Republicans such as George W Bush , and even Donald Trump were in favor of abortion until they were in the process of being elected as president. Showing how a small change in their statement can win the masses. There’s also the religious side of it. When they are presenting statements on why the abortion is wrong, protesters tied their argument with religion.

The film shows the hardship that people who work in the abortion clinic have. Physician Colleen McNicholas, where she takes the task to travel in various clinics because there are not enough people to do their line of work. Or the case of George Miller, who was assassinated by a religious conservative. How an organization such as Operation of Rescue, have an enjoyment in closing clinics and having pictures as trophies.

One of the scenes that caught my attention was the interview they did to Wendy Davis. On June 25, 2013, she committed a thirteen-hour filibuster to block Senate Bill 5. This Senate bill includes restrictive abortion measures in the State of Texas. It was interesting seeing how powerful women like Wendy Davis went all her way into committing a filibuster to defend women’s healthcare and rights.

Reversing Roe is a documentary that touches on one of the most controversial topics of our time. It sheds light on the struggles of women’s body rights. How the government and religious institutions have a big influence in making these law’s that enforces restrictive measures for women’s healthcare.

Trailer for the Documentary Reversing Roe :


{ Video by Netflix }

{picture by Netflix}


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