Overlord: Movie Review

Overlord is a 2018 war action horror film directed by Julius Avery and produced by J.J. Abrams. The plot follows Private Boyce and his comrades on the Eve of D-day( Invasion of Normandy); when they are on a mission to destroy a transmitter located in a radio tower atop a fortified church.  This needs to be done in honor for the Allied forces to have air support once they storm the beaches. When they land on the ground, they stumble upon a woman scavenging for food and money to support her family. She leads the soldiers towards a small French village where the transmitter is, but underneath the church, strange experiments have been happening.

Just to get it out of the way, this film doesn’t have anything to do with the Cloverfield franchise. J.J. Abrams produces an action-packed horror film that takes place during WWII. Did I mention that it has zombies too? This movie starts out with a great action-packed opening sequence, showing the paratroopers getting ready to jump out of the plane to land on the ground. But, focusing on the team slowly losing their patience, bouncing knees and being a nervous wreck it proceeds to give great shots since the beginning of the movie.

Overlord is a good blend of action and horror; something we don’t see a lot in films. The movie feels like a B-movie but doesn’t fall into it. Giving us good actions sequences and goriness with a touch of zombies; Nazi zombies to be exact. Providing us scary moments and unnerving imagery.

What the movie ceases to have is a defining purpose of the plot.  The movie starts by being a war film, to a rescue mission and ends in a zombie movie. It didn’t know how to define itself, but the action / gory scenes and the storytelling helped the film not fall short.

Like video games? Overlord is if  COD zombies and Wolfenstein were smashed together into a full-length film.  If you’re a gamer or a horror movie enthusiast, Overlord is a movie just for you.

I give this movie 3 / 5 zombie heads.

Trailer for Overlord :

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