Flâneur, Poe, and Christopher Nolan’s “Following”

  Flâneur comes from a French noun and it means “stroller”, “lounger” or “sauntered”. The word Flâneur proceeds from Flânerie which is the act of strolling. The meaning of this word was drawn by rich associations or men that for take the causal leisure. The concept of Flâneur was exerted in the 19th century when …

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The Narrative of Citizen Kane

After his success in the radio with the sci-fi drama "The War of the Worlds", Orson Welles won a contract with RKO pictures; giving him complete creativity on the project  In 1941, he created what is considered by filmmakers as one of the best films in history, "Citizen Kane". This film presented and developed many innovations in …

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Nanook of the North: a change in the narrative

  https://flic.kr/p/7JV6td Throughout his exploration in Canada, the director Robert J. Flaherty started to develop a fascination towards the Inuit tribe. Flaherty, with his crank camera, began to film the daily life of this tribe and, with just a couple of months, he had a huge amount of film. But, unfortunately, the editing room was …

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Experimentando con la Web

En el curso de Informática inf103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón estamos produciendo contenido Web por primera vez. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=N6iF7SaaFU8 {Autor : Antonio Vantaggiato} { fuente:rebloggy.com/post/movie-gifs-silly-goofy-tap-dance-gene-kelly-singing-in-the-rain-classic-movies-k/79260928260 } https://twitter.com/amanda_sofia24/status/1032373731279101952