Shoplifters : Reseña

A veces, el vínculo familiar no se define por sangre, sino por amor. El cineasta Hirozaku Kore-eda una vez más, regresa a la pantalla grande con sus temas emblemáticos; explorando la naturaleza, vínculo de familia y la sociedad japonesa. En su nueva historia, escrita y dirigida por él mismo, narra sobre una familia que se dedica a robar para poder sobrevivir. Un día, después de robar un supermercado, se encuentran con una niña hambrienta, llevándosela a su casa. Pero, cuando descubren que es maltratada,la adoptan como uno de ellos.Resultado de imagen para shoplifters

A lo largo de la historia, Kore-eda nos conmueve con la relación de los personajes y poco a poco nos encariñamos con esta familia. Son esos pequeños momentos que nos muestras esa dulzura y amor entre ellos mismos; especialmente los niños, que como la audiencia nos ablanda el corazón. Sin embargo, no todo es color de rosas. Incluso, aunque vemos lo bonito también esta el problema que lo que hicieron fue ilegal, ellos secuestraron a esta niña y le enseñaron a robar. Aquí es donde la película empieza a cuestionar nuestra moralidad. Sabes que lo que hizo fue ilegal, pero, aunque ellos no son sus padres biológicos la aman y la tratan mejor que sus propios padres. Ellos roban para poder vivir. La audiencia, subconscientemente, empezamos a justificar las decisiones de los personajes y estar de su parte. El director definitivamente supo definir su tema y capturar nuestras emociones.

Por otro lado, el director nos enseña el tema social de la película. Mostrándonos una familia de clase y recursos bajos; un aspecto que no se habla mucho en el cine japonés y a través de esta película se logro capturar. ¿Cómo? Hay que destacar las localizaciones y el diseño de producción de la película. La mayoría de la trama se desenvuelve en la casa de la familia. Vemos como la casa esta en su decadencia, baños descuidados, comida en las mesas y la acumulación de objetos en la casa; un símbolo del miedo de perder mas de lo que no tienen. El aspecto de deterioro de la casa y el cuarto nos deja ver la condición económica y la forma en que viven los  personajes. En si, esta película cuenta con un diseño de producción lleno de detalles interesantes que aumenta la calidad visual al filme.Resultado de imagen para shoplifters

Otra manera que podemos expresar las emociones es a través de tiros de cámaras. Shoplifters esta acompañado por una cinematografía espectacular gracias a Kondo Ryuto. La película esta compuesta de varios tiros para complementar las emociones a través de la cinematografía. Pero, hay dos tiros y escenas que tenemos que destacar. La primera es un simple tiro de plano general que nos mostraba el cuarto donde ocurría la mayoría de la interacción de los personajes. Ellos sentados mientras comían en el tatami o simplemente teniendo una conversación entre ellos mismos. Además, con el con el tiro plano general podíamos ver el ambiente en la casa y como era su estatus social sin tener que decirlo en voz alta. El segundo tiro es acompañado por una de las escenas más cruciales de la película. Uno de los personajes es intervenido y con una actuación espectacular puedes ver en la cara como su mundo se va deslizando de sus manos. Esta escena crucial es complementada con un tiro con de plano mediano con una duración de más de un minuto. Creando un ambiente emocional que hará la audiencia simpatizar con el personaje.

Shoplifters es una película que parte con premisas que cuestiona moralidades. ¿Qué significa familia? ¿Tu naces con ella o escoges tu propia familia? Son temas que el director Kore-eda planta en la pantalla sutilmente a través de este drama familiar. Enseñándolo por medios simple gestos de amor que los personajes se hacen con uno al otro. Plasmando que el acto de “elegir a alguien” como tu familia puede crear un vínculo más poderoso que simplemente nacer en ella. Tu escoges quien tu quieres que entre en tu vida y a veces una persona quien conoces en un solo día puede ser mas familia que una que nació con el titulo.


Avengers Endgame: Spoiler-free mini review

Resultado de imagen para endgame

Talking about a film such as this one without spoilers is a challenge but here it goes…: Endgame takes place after the events of Infinity War. Thanos snaps his fingers and wipes out half of the population and it’s up to the remaining Avengers to fix it. There’s something charming that came out of this film. For starters, yes the movie is 3 hours long but it doesn’t feel like it. The first and second act were all about exposition yet you don’t get bored. Sometimes, too much exposition can be bothersome but they needed this to set up certain events that would later come up on the film. It certainly gives you the time to dig deep into character development and getting to know them more in depth. Even some of the characters that haven’t shined throughout the MCU gets a spotlight and becomes more interesting.  The character screen time on this film gets well divided and we see a little bit of action from everyone. The screenplay is written in a way where it leaves no room for fillers and every scene has the only purpose; to further the main plot of the story.

Every bit of exposition leads up to the final third act. On this point forward the film is a jaw-dropping piece of cinema. The actions scenes were incredible and satisfactory. Imagen relacionada it with the amazing CGI and you got yourself outstanding visual narrative. There are some scene that gives us tremendous fan service that would leave you wanting to stand up and maniacally applause. Others that would leave you anxiously on the edge of your seat. The third act is where the film truly shines.

Avengers: Endgame is a film where it seamlessly blends the last 11 years and 22 movies into 3-hour film. Bringing this saga into an end. It delivers what it needs to. It’s beautiful, but also a heart-wrenching payoff to these characters that we have grown to love. You’ll cry, laugh, scream and cheer when you need to. This film is a beautiful love letter to us fans and a perfect ending to a story we have come to cherish.

I give this movie 5/5 finger snaps.




Us: movie review

After Jordan Peele’s success with 2017 thriller Get out and winning best screenplay for this such movie; he’s back at it again with another film. This time, as he intentionally said, a horror film. US  focuses on the Wilson family. A year later after the death of Adelaide’s mom, they come back to her childhood home in California to take some time off. One day,  they decide to go to the beach, the youngest son Jason had a strange encounter. That same night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide’s home just to out they that all of them look alike.


One of the many things that stand out in this movie are the performances. All of them were great. Winston Duke character gave us the perfect balance of comedy and horror. Not forced but natural reactions in a comedic way. The performance that we have to give the ultimate credit is Lupita Nyong’o with her mesmerizing acting.  Giving that the movie they had to play your “evil doppelgänger” you had to see multiple performances from the actors.  Both of her characters were amazing. Leaving you gripping from your seats.

us-movie-3-1546275853Jordan Peele was serious when he said his movie was horror. Giving us gory scenes but yet not scary. The story and the character are what makes this film unsettling. The movie is accompanied by a chilling score and amazing cinematography. Who wouldn’t appreciate those astonishing extreme closeup shots? One of the things that I would have liked the movie to leave out are the explanations as to why this event is happening. Why so? well, because I believe ambiguity can be scary. Nevertheless, it’s a solid story.

US is a film that after you see it for the first time it leaves you thinking and with a second viewing, it could change your whole perspective of the film. The director Jordan Peele has been creating these whole new worlds and contributing to the horror industry . Breaking the mold of traditional storytelling and giving us something new and innovative. US is a film that has amazing performances and the perfect balance of horror and comedy. It’s a movie that cinephiles and horror fans would certainly appreciate and enjoy.

I give this movie 4 / 5 bloody scissors.

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Ticket Stub Holder(poem)


ticket-stub-holder-two.pngBy: Ana Sofia Cintron Mediavilla

PS.Hey lovely people! for those that read my poem; thank you. In this year I’ll try to do more personal post in my blogs Such as sharing my thoughts, lil facts about me and poems. My inspiration behind this was how I find movie tickets all around me. In my purse, my wallet and sometimes on my desk. But, I still keep them safe in a small box. Its a small hobby that I have and I might share it soon on my blog.

Summer of 84 (Movie Review)

Summer of 84 is a 2018 Horror / Thriller directed by François Simard, Anouk, and Yoann-Karl Whissell. The story takes place on summer of 84 in Cape May, Oregon. There have been many reports of boys gone missing and they suspect that the Cape may Slayer has to do with it. Fifteen-year-old Davey Armstrong is a conspiracist that begins to question that his police officer neighbor might be the serial killer. Now Davey and his 3 friends are in a manhunt; trying to find clues whenever or not the neighbor is the Cape may Slayer.


Watching this movie was impossible to not compare it with Stranger Things. It has that full nostalgia packaged to it. Referencing a lot of 80’s pop culture and memorabilia; which is what made the movie a little fun. In another aspect, it sure did had a great score to compliment the 80’s vibes to it. When the film had the suspenseful scenes there were some sounds that were imitating John carpenter’s Halloween theme; giving a little homage to old horror films.

When it came down to the storyline, it’s something we have already seen on tv shows or on movies. Just a couple of kids playing detective. But, what’s intriguing is the process of them investigating. Writing down his every move; from what hour he eats to when does he go outside to jog. Sometimes in the film, there were some scenes that were out of place or just didn’t belonged there. They were trying to push a little romance with the girl next door. But it just didn’t work out for me. You could literally take that plot out of the film and it doesn’t ruin the narrative of the story. The movie at some point it came out has a slow-burner. I was about to give up on the film until it hit the mark of the last 30 minutes of the movie. Giving us the old horror and thriller that we wanted with a good twist in the end.


Summer of 84 fulfills to be an entertaining story. Giving us a full punch of  80’s nostalgia with a side of suspense. it’s a throwback to the vibe of old horror film that fans would certainly be intrigued by it. Oh ! and always remember, “Even Serial Killers live next door to somebody”. 

I give this movie 3/5 Bloody milk cartons.

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Bird Box (movie review)

Netflix is back at it again with another original film. Bird Box is a 2018 film adaptation of Josh Malerman novel. This movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and it follows the story of Malorie. The movie is set in three different periods of time. Before and after the unknown creature comes, and the present day; where she needs to cross the river with children. Trying to find a safe place and a community to take shelter of the unknown monster. But the catch is they have to be blindfolded because  “If you look, you will die”.The film has an Allstar cast including Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver, and Trevante Rhodes.Resultado de imagen para bird box netflix

For starters, let us talk about the elephant in the room. Bird Box is what would happen if you combine A Quiet Place with The Happening. There I said it. But, this film brings a certain uniqueness to it. Sure, it does have that formula of a post-apocalyptic movie but what makes it different from the other, is how it concentrates more on character growth and survival being secondary subplot of the film.

Since the beginning of the movie, it was stated obvious who had survived through the 5 year period that the film had. But it mainly focuses on the journey the main character Malorie had until the present day. Bird Box has many characters and good actors portraying them. John Malkovich gave us a really good act as a secondary character but the one that stood out was Sandra Bullock. Giving us a stunning performance that makes you immerse and care for her character throughout the film.


Being a post-apocalyptic movie it sure gives us a feel to it. Placing the characters in eerie environments and giving us shots that it felt claustrophobic. The only small problem with the movie I had was how just they didn’t show this unknown creature. Yes, I love when films use ambiguity because it lets us the viewers go in an imagination spree and it makes it more suspenseful but this is one of those cases where my curiosity broke and I would have loved to see what was making the characters go insane.

Bird Box is a thriller film with a solid post-apocalyptic narrative. It’s a character study where it goes in-depth on Malorie’s story. Giving us a journey of self-discovery, motherhood acceptance and how far would you go for your loved ones. It’s a film that would surely make you immerse on the story and grip your seat.

I give this movie 3.5/5 birds chirping.

Bird Box Trailer :

Widows : Movie Review



Widows is a 2018 heist movie directed by Steven McQueen (12 years of a slave) and screenplay written by himself and Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl ). This film is based on the 1983 series of the same name. The story takes place after Harry Rawling (Liam Nelson) and his crew committed a heist and went wrong. Now his wife, Veronica (Viola Davis), and the other wives of his crew find themselves burdened by the debts the husbands left them; owning millions of dollars to a criminal gang. The widows team up to commit the ultimate heist to pay back the money they owed.

The director Steven McQueen delivers us a thriller heist assembled by an amazing cast. But, that doesn’t mean he knew how to use them in the film. Some of the characters were there to help the story progress but it felt that he could give them more screening time throughout the film. Being on screen for a small amount of time meant putting a lot of character development in one scene; making the scene feel cramped. Viola Davis, as always, steals away everyone’s spotlight with her stunning acting.

This is not your typical heist movie. The trailer sells it as an action pack film, but when you see that Gillian Flynn co-wrote it, you’ll understand. This film is centered more on the characters development and how they cope with their current situation. It’s about real people with real emotions dealing with a situation that’s not from their world.

The movie had some great shots and interesting editing. The opening jumped from a peaceful scene to an action pack one and it caught the people from the theater off guard. But I felt some scenes were unnecessary and didn’t belong there. The scenes were followed by the score created by Hans Zimmer. Composing songs that helped the ambiance; rising sense of anxiety in scenes such as the heist.

Widows is not another Ocean’s 8.  This film concentrates more in how the characters act in this unfortunate situation rather than the heist itself. If you wanna see a good drama or you are just a fan of Viola Davis work, this movie is for you.

I give this movie 3 /5 Heist gone wrong.


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