Road to Hamilton

Ever since the Hamilton lottery started I've been waking up with the wonderful good morning messages such as "Sorry you didn't win a chance to purchase tickets to Hamilton today"(Sarcasm intended). I was losing hope until I remembered that there was a ticket sell for college students. But, the catch was there were only 1,000 …

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Ticket Stub Holder(poem)

  By: Ana Sofia Cintron Mediavilla PS.Hey lovely people! for those that read my poem; thank you. In this year I'll try to do more personal post in my blogs Such as sharing my thoughts, lil facts about me and poems. My inspiration behind this was how I find movie tickets all around me. In …

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My experience with Hurricane Maria

On the 20th of September from last year, Hurricane Maria stroked Puerto Rico and changed the lives of many Puertoricans. I remember the day after Hurricane Maria passed, how everyone from the neighborhood just stood outside seeing the aftermath of the hurricane. All of us cleaning up the front of their houses.  My parents and …

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