RA y RV : Proyecto Final

En nuestro último trabajo de la clase de informática 103, tuvimos que hacer una presentación y varias entrevistas a expertos del campo de Realidad Virtual y Realidad Aumentada. ¿Que es Realidad Virtual? La Realidad Virtual es la inmersión sensorial a un nuevo mundo. En pocas palabras, es entrando a un mundo nuevo. ¿Que es Realidad …

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Feedly! Tarea 10

For the class of INF103 we discussed about Feedly . This website is an innovative way  to organize , read and share your favorite content ; all in one place. I divided my Feedly into two categories: my personal Interest and professional work . Here's what I have on my feed: Personal Interest: Bloody Disgusting! - News …

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My experience with Hurricane Maria

On the 20th of September from last year, Hurricane Maria stroked Puerto Rico and changed the lives of many Puertoricans. I remember the day after Hurricane Maria passed, how everyone from the neighborhood just stood outside seeing the aftermath of the hurricane. All of us cleaning up the front of their houses.  My parents and …

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