You walk into la sala of your house and the T.V. is on. What you see captivates you and makes you stop; a man with a majestic cape and shiny rings all-around his fingers allures you to the nearby couch and you sit down. He’s reading the horoscopes and you can’t help but be curious as to what he’s gonna say about your astronomical sign. That’s the power that Walter Mercado had with his audience. But, one day he just suddenly  disappeared. What happened to this mystifying man?

Directed by Cristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch,  Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado is a Netflix Documentary about the famous astrologer and psychic who’s readings have reached millions of people before his disappearance from the public eye.


When you see a character such as Walter Mercado you can’t help but sense a mysterious aura from him. Mucho Mucho Amor gives you an insight into his past from growing up in the sugar fields, being a dancer, and an actor in telenovelas. It shows us little details about his life to be able to understand where he comes from. 

One of the themes that the documentary touches on is the famous androgynous look he always portrayed. Making people question his sexuality and the media always commenting on it whenever in talk shows or plain awful comedy skits that made fun of him. But even with all the rumors, speculations, and shaming, he was able to stand up and bring optimism in people’s lives. Including representation in the communities that looked up to him.

Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado documents the life of the well-known puertorican astrologer through his ups and downs. Showing how he struggled with homophobia and exploitation. Despite the negativity that surrounded him. Walter became this beacon of hope to his viewers; always spreading positivity is his readings. The documentary captures beyond just a man with an extravagant cape. It’s a story of legacy, how years from his disappearance on television, people always celebrated this iconic character with a wave of nostalgia and impacted millions of people with messages of hope. 


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