It’s the early 1950s, where rockabilly was born, the car industry created the classic models we’ve come to love and pin-up girls took the fashion industry by storm. Directed by Dan Halperin, Bombshells and Dollies is a documentary on Pin-Up Girl Lifestyle; following contestants on their road to The Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest.

50’s clothing, retro make-up, and curled hairstyles are mashed together and pin-up fashion is created. But, what exactly partakes in being one? Bombshells and Dollies give us a glimpse of a subculture that not many people know of. Throughout a series of interviews, the documentary explains the lifestyle of a pin-up girl and their love for rockabilly.

Additionally,  it gives us some small history and context for the viewers. Taking their time to explain themes such as fashion, cars, tattoos, music, and their important convention that is “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend”. It opens a space for people to talk about their love for this subculture and way of life.

 On the other hand, the main focus of this film is the contestant. Each having an opportunity to speak about how important this community is to them. How throughout this life-changing decision they have come to love themselves and radiate body positivity.  A highlight of this documentary is how it shows women from different backgrounds and stories come together for their passion for pin-up. But most importantly, showcasing body acceptance, self-expression, and confidence. 

 Bombshells and Dollies is streaming on various online digital platforms such as Amazon, DirecTV, AT&T, FlixFling, Vimeo on Demand, Vudu & FANDANGO.

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