Written and Directed by Karla Von Bengston, Agathe-Christine: Next Door spy tells the story of ten-year-old Agathe Christine or AC for short, who runs a detective bureau in the basement of her apartment complex. After moving to a new town, she tries to uncover a new mystery that has risen in her neighborhood, but soon after Agathe Christine will find out it’s a more complicated case. 

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When it comes to animation there are different styles that can set apart your film.  It could be rotoscoping, claymation, etc. One of the main characteristics of this film is the use of cut-out animation. An interesting technique where you use flat characters and background made from paper, carton, card, or fabric to create movement. The animator moves these items under the camera lens in order to tell a story. Of course with the help of a software you’ll be able to bring these intricate flat pieces to life. Being a fan of animation, the use of this technique brought a certain charm to this movie with the different flat textures. 

To go along with this animation and taking into consideration it being a children’s movie, they chose a bright color palette that brings the attention of the targeted audience. However when Agathe goes into, what I like to call  “Detective mode”, they do a homage to the old noir style. A nice little touch to the movie that I so much liked. 

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On the other hand, as the name of the main character implies, it’s based on the writer Agatha Christie, known for her famous detective novels and plays. The film becomes a little tribute to this famous writer and at the same time it influences the story. Meanwhile, the qualities that the protagonist brings to the table sets an example for children. To be resilient, courageous, and best of all,  always be yourself.  

Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy, originated from Denmark, is a fun movie where you sit down for a good movie night with your family. It’s a heartwarming film that children can be entertained with and adults can find a certain appreciation for. Where can you watch this movie? Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy will be released onto various digital platforms on June 16 (InDemand, Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, AT&T, FANDANGO, FlixFling, Vudu).


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