Sonic comes to earth to escape forces that seek to harness his power of super-speed and hides away on Green Hills , Montana . After accidentally causing a massive power outage, Sonic is targeted by the government who then hire Dr. Robotnik to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Green Hills sheriff Tom Wachowski meets Sonic and decides to help him evade capture, collect his rings, and stop Dr.Robotnik from using Sonic’s powers.

What Can I say about Sonic the Hedgehog ? The movie has a certain charm to it. The jokes are fun and were making the audience in my theater laugh. It also had a number of film references that I certainly enjoyed. Can you believe that Sonic is a Keanu Reeves Stan ? Me neither !

On the other hand , the actors did a pretty good job with what they had. One of the surprising cast members was Jim Carrey. It’s been a while since we last saw him in a film (since 2016) and he’s back to reprise the villain Dr. Robotnik. Known for his body humor he brought  his A-game and gave us a cartoonish interpretation of Eggman.

If you didn’t know,  Paramount Pictures launched the First trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog  On November 8 , 2019 ; revealing a pretty disturbing design of Sonic. As a result , the trailer received a big amount of backlash and hate. After hearing the fans , Paramount Pictures delayed the movie to redesign it. It was a wise decision from the creators to hear the fan and follow their opinion.  Also a round of applause for the design and VFX team to take their time to create what the fans wanted. Other than that , the effects were wonderful and a job well done.

Sonic the Hedgehog was fun and full of nostalgia . It’s an entertaining family film that kids and fans of the franchise would like .

I give this movie 3 / 5 Golden Rings.

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