Directed by Miguel Arteta, Like a Boss is about Best friends Mia and Mel who own a cosmetics company but unfortunately, they are in-depth. They get an offer from Claire Luna, a notorious person from the makeup industry to help them pay. Too tempting to pass up, Mia and Mel agree but soon after, this negotiation threatens their business and personal relationships.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie my first thought was, “This is not my type of humor” but nevertheless I gave it a chance. Surprisingly I had a couple of laughs throughout the film. There were some unexpected jokes that made me think “who would even come up with that?!”.On top of that, it was well-received with the audience bringing some laughter in the theater.

One of the comedic remarks was Mia and Mel’s friendship played by Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish. Being a film centered in their relationship they had to have some chemistry in which they achieved. The one who brought out most of the punchlines was Tiffany Haddish with her comebacks and overt the top personality. On the other hand, we had Salma Hayek playing Claire Luna. Representing in a very cartoonish way a woman driven by money with a very thick accent. Again, using her for comedic purposes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The film has flaws, the jokes get repetitive throughout the third act and the pacing felt dragged but nevertheless, it’s a very cheesy almost campy movie that it had good moments and a great ensemble cast. Like a Boss feels like that kind of movie that you put on a sleepover and share a couple of laughs with your friends.

I Give this movie 2.5/5 makeup bags


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