Summer of 84 (Movie Review)

Summer of 84 is a 2018 Horror / Thriller directed by François Simard, Anouk, and Yoann-Karl Whissell. The story takes place on summer of 84 in Cape May, Oregon. There have been many reports of boys gone missing and they suspect that the Cape may Slayer has to do with it. Fifteen-year-old Davey Armstrong is a conspiracist that begins to question that his police officer neighbor might be the serial killer. Now Davey and his 3 friends are in a manhunt; trying to find clues whenever or not the neighbor is the Cape may Slayer.


Watching this movie was impossible to not compare it with Stranger Things. It has that full nostalgia packaged to it. Referencing a lot of 80’s pop culture and memorabilia; which is what made the movie a little fun. In another aspect, it sure did had a great score to compliment the 80’s vibes to it. When the film had the suspenseful scenes there were some sounds that were imitating John carpenter’s Halloween theme; giving a little homage to old horror films.

When it came down to the storyline, it’s something we have already seen on tv shows or on movies. Just a couple of kids playing detective. But, what’s intriguing is the process of them investigating. Writing down his every move; from what hour he eats to when does he go outside to jog. Sometimes in the film, there were some scenes that were out of place or just didn’t belonged there. They were trying to push a little romance with the girl next door. But it just didn’t work out for me. You could literally take that plot out of the film and it doesn’t ruin the narrative of the story. The movie at some point it came out has a slow-burner. I was about to give up on the film until it hit the mark of the last 30 minutes of the movie. Giving us the old horror and thriller that we wanted with a good twist in the end.


Summer of 84 fulfills to be an entertaining story. Giving us a full punch of  80’s nostalgia with a side of suspense. it’s a throwback to the vibe of old horror film that fans would certainly be intrigued by it. Oh ! and always remember, “Even Serial Killers live next door to somebody”. 

I give this movie 3/5 Bloody milk cartons.

Trailer for Summer of 84 :



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