Bird Box (movie review)

Netflix is back at it again with another original film. Bird Box is a 2018 film adaptation of Josh Malerman novel. This movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and it follows the story of Malorie. The movie is set in three different periods of time. Before and after the unknown creature comes, and the present day; where she needs to cross the river with children. Trying to find a safe place and a community to take shelter of the unknown monster. But the catch is they have to be blindfolded because  “If you look, you will die”.The film has an Allstar cast including Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jacki Weaver, and Trevante Rhodes.Resultado de imagen para bird box netflix

For starters, let us talk about the elephant in the room. Bird Box is what would happen if you combine A Quiet Place with The Happening. There I said it. But, this film brings a certain uniqueness to it. Sure, it does have that formula of a post-apocalyptic movie but what makes it different from the other, is how it concentrates more on character growth and survival being secondary subplot of the film.

Since the beginning of the movie, it was stated obvious who had survived through the 5 year period that the film had. But it mainly focuses on the journey the main character Malorie had until the present day. Bird Box has many characters and good actors portraying them. John Malkovich gave us a really good act as a secondary character but the one that stood out was Sandra Bullock. Giving us a stunning performance that makes you immerse and care for her character throughout the film.


Being a post-apocalyptic movie it sure gives us a feel to it. Placing the characters in eerie environments and giving us shots that it felt claustrophobic. The only small problem with the movie I had was how just they didn’t show this unknown creature. Yes, I love when films use ambiguity because it lets us the viewers go in an imagination spree and it makes it more suspenseful but this is one of those cases where my curiosity broke and I would have loved to see what was making the characters go insane.

Bird Box is a thriller film with a solid post-apocalyptic narrative. It’s a character study where it goes in-depth on Malorie’s story. Giving us a journey of self-discovery, motherhood acceptance and how far would you go for your loved ones. It’s a film that would surely make you immerse on the story and grip your seat.

I give this movie 3.5/5 birds chirping.

Bird Box Trailer :


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