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    In Today’s world, the internet plays a huge role in our daily lives. With just a few clicks you can find a huge amount of information within seconds. The internet provides us with assistance to our daily lives. Depending on how you use this tool, it can make our tasks easier. One primary tool that the internet has provides us is communication.


     Being a student in the communications department, I rely a lot on the internet. Constantly you have to be up to date on the news and what has been happening locally or around the world. Checking social media such as Facebook and Twitter has become part of my routine and it’s where I keep myself to date with the news. As a student, the internet helps me with the course of my education. From finding information that I need, downloading books to checking online forums; it has become a part of my learning process a The internet is a resourceful place for us students and little by little it helps us shape our professional life.


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